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RWBY - Tribute to Monty Oum by Nijuuni
RWBY - Tribute to Monty Oum
Rest peacefully, Monty. Thank you for all you've created and given to artists and gamers worldwide. Your spirit will live on in our hearts and in all the artwork you've inspired, and will continue to inspire for years to come.

Underwater Beauties by Nijuuni
Underwater Beauties
Commission for :iconblue-galewind:

He asked for a traditional commission, but since I don't have the right number of prismacolour markers to do the job adequately, I emulated it in Photoshop :D He wanted to see Lilin from Suidoken 4, Saria from Legend of Zelda, and Sheena from Tales of Symphonia as mermaids of his own design.

Thank you SO much for commissioning me, this was fantastic to do 8DD <33

Sheena (c) Namco/Bandai Namco and Kosuke Fujishima
Lilin (c) Konami
Saria (c) Legend of Zelda and Nintendo

Commission Info:

Tropical Trek by Nijuuni
Tropical Trek
Commission for the lovely :iconepicmudkipz64:

She wanted me to draw her OC (DARLING I DON'T THINK YOU ACTUALLY TOLD ME HER NAME :'D) having a walk through a tropical jungle.
I'm absolutely proud of how the foliage came out ._. i was really scared of starting on the background actually LOL but it turned out pretty well :'D

Thank you so much for commissioning me!!
Commission info:

My Last Lullaby by Nijuuni
My Last Lullaby
I watched Prince of Egypt again a few nights ago and it's really one of the most beautifully animated movies ever made <33 Here's a quick painting of Jochebed ;-;



Journal Entry: Thu Jul 19, 2012, 12:12 PM
:star::star::star::star::star:STUFF FOR SALE:star::star::star::star::star:

To order, please E-MAIL ME AT with the subject title "I WANNA BUY STUFF" and fill in this order form!!


I accept PayPal, and Money Orders, and Snail Mail, but would very much prefer PayPal :3

If you have any questions, feel free to note or email me!

Purchases will be sent after payment is completed.

:bulletred:Keychains/Cell Phone Accessories:bulletred:


Keychains 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14--> SOLD OUT

3 inch characters, laminated, with 2 inch straps
$2 each, or $5 for 3

:bulletred:Jumbo Keychains/Cell Phone Accessories:bulletred:

4 inch characters, laminated, with 2 inch straps
$3 each or $7 for full set!

 photo MAGENETS_zpsee2fee37.jpg

$2 each, or $5 for 3

#5 --> SOLD OUT
#14 --> SOLD OUT
#8 --> SOLD OUT

5.5 x 1.75 inch, laminated
$2 each

#4 --> sold out

:bulletblue:PostCard Prints:bulletblue:

 photo postcards2_zps17b0eb84.jpg

4 x 6 inch, printed on coated cardstock paper
$3 each, or two for $5


Title: Savior (Vol. 1)
# of Pages: 184
Size: A5 (5.8 x 8.3 in)
Main Characters: Axel, Reno (and Roxas in future installments!)
Rating: T-14+ for Language, some sexual themes, mature themes.
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Summary: Axel and Reno, two young orphans living on the streets of Edge, must find salvation in one another as they face new trials and tribulations with every new dawn. Their story is ongoing.
Guest Features: Art by :iconatomic-clover:, RenoxAxel fan fiction by :iconmichele-bellx:

Shipping Within Canada: $5.00 CAD
Shipping Within US: $9.00 CAD
Shipping everywhere else: $12.00 CAD

Printed on coated cardstock paper.

Large (13x19") prints for $15 each, or two for $25
Medium (11x17" and 11x14") prints for $12 each, or two for $20

AC - Altair (Coloured) by Nijuuni
13 x 19 inch - SOLD OUT
11 x 17 inch - $12

SPN - I Was The One by Nijuuni
13 x 19 inch - $15
11 x 17 inch - $12

SnK - Wings by Nijuuni
Attack on Titan - Mikasa
13 x 19 inch - $15
11 x 17 inch - $12

SnK - Annie by Nijuuni
Attack on Titan - Annie
13 x 19 inch - $15
11 x 17 inch - $12

Zelda - Queen Rutela by Nijuuni
Queen Rutela
13 x 19 inch - $15

Zelda - Spirits of the Forest by Nijuuni
Spirits of the Forest
13 x 19 inch - $15

Touhou - Marisa and Reimu by Nijuuni
TouHou - Reimu and Marisa
11 x 14 inch - $12

ATLA - The Showdown that was Always Meant to Be by Nijuuni
ATLA - Agni Kai
13 x 19 inch - $15
11 x 17 inch - $12

KHBBS - Semita Ut Fatum by Nijuuni
Birth By Sleep - Path to Destiny
13 x 19 inch - $15
11 x 17 inch - $12

KHDDD - Riku's Companion by Nijuuni
Riku's Companion
13 x 19 inch - $15
11 x 17 inch - $12

KHDDD - Sora's Companion by Nijuuni
Sora's Companion
13 x 19 inch - $15
11 x 17 inch - $12

KH - FREE! by Nijuuni
Free!Kingdom Boys
13 x 19 inch - $15
11 x 17 inch - $12

KH - Parley by Nijuuni
Axel  & Roxas Pirates
13 x 19 inch - $15
11 x 17 inch - SOLD OUT

Akuroku - Let me go by Nijuuni
AkuRoku - Let Me Go
11 x 17 inch - $12
8.5 x 11 inch - $5

AkuRoku - Smoke of the Kiseru by Nijuuni
AkuRoku - Smoke of the Kiseru
13 x 19 inch - SOLD OUT
11 x 15 inch - $12

AkuRoku - Take Me Away by Nijuuni
AkuRoku - Take Me Away
13 x 19 inch - $15
11 x 17 inch - $12

AkuRoku - Time Stands Still by Nijuuni
AkuRoku - Time Stands Still
13 x 17 inch - SOLD OUT
11 x 14 inch - $12

AR-Memories Sweeter than Candy by Nijuuni
AkuRoku - Candy Memories
13 x 19 inch - $15
11 x 17 inch - $12
8.5 x 11 inch - SOLD OUT

AkuNo - Dapper Gents by Nijuuni
Reno/Axel - Dapper Gents
13 x 19 - $15
11 x 17 - SOLD OUT

AkuNo - I'll Be Your Bonnie by Nijuuni
Reno/Axel - I'll Be Your Bonnie
11 x 17 inch - $12

ARR - Untouched by Nijuuni
ARR - Untouched
11 x 17 inch - $12
8.5 x 11 inch - SOLD OUT

Reno - Keep me Waiting by Nijuuni
Reno - Keep Me Waiting
13 x 19 - $15
11 x 17 - $12


California Girl by Irelanada
California Girl
8.5 x 11 inch - $5

Celeste by Irelanada
Also available in purple -…
8.5 x 11 inch - $5

Star Keeper by Irelanada
Star Keeper
8.5 x 11 inch - SOLD OUT

Flight of the Crow by Irelanada
Flight of the Crow
8.5 x 11 - $5

Kyou Kara Maou by Nijuuni
Kyou Kara Maoh!
8.5 x 11 inch - $5

KKM - Happy Easter by Nijuuni
Kyou Kara Maoh! Easter
8.5 x 11 inch - $5

Axel - Promissio by Nijuuni
Axel - Promissio
11 x 17 inch - SOLD OUT
8.5 x 11 inch - SOLD OUT

:star:… :star:
Roxas - Purus
11 x 17 inch - SOLD OUT
8.5 x 11 inch - $5

Reno - Peccavi by Nijuuni
Reno - Peccavi
11 x 17 inch - $SOLD OUT
8.5 x 11 inch - $5

Order $20 or more worth of merchandise, receive a free gift with your purchase!
Shipping: $2-15 depending on purchase and your location.

THANK YOU SO MUCH ^3^ :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:!!!!!

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm a spastic Canadian who likes to shout in all-caps most of the time. I have a degree in psychology and English, and now heading back to school for Digital Animation. I draw for fun most often--so expect to see a lot of fan art-- though I also do freelance work anywhere from conceptual design to business logos and graphics.

You can contact me at for any art or business related questions, thank you!

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Hope you're well! 
Ldrmas Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
umm hello, *blushes*, i just wanted to say happy akuroku day to my favorite akuroku artist evar! so yeah umm happy akuroku day! <3 
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You really wanna know why I was searching penis? I was looking for those silly attempts you made at drawing them because you're actually pretty good at them...your description just amuses the shit out of me because you're funny. 

I think I'll keep your reply forever because it makes me smile to see you so amused. You know, you should really draw Axel and Reno naked, maybe snuggled up after sex or something. 
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ahaha thank you!!! nice to see another akuno fan <3
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thank you so much <3 i hope i can keep being inspiring ;u;
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