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May 29, 2012
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AkuNo - I'll Be Your Bonnie by Nijuuni AkuNo - I'll Be Your Bonnie by Nijuuni
Baby, you know I’m guilty
Cops, judge, and jury, they all agree
If love’s the crime, I’m doing time,
And it don’t look like I’ll ever get free
Yeah, baby, you know I’m guilty

Guilty - L.A. Noire Soundtrack

The shrill ring of the alarm continues to echo down the hall. Though Axel’s heart pounds in his chest as if it were about to rupture, and his thighs feel as if they were on fire, he doesn’t stop running. The weight of the duffel bag slung around his shoulder almost makes him lose his footing, but he isn’t worried—he knows his partner running right beside him wouldn’t leave him behind.

“On the roof, on the roof,” Reno commands, slamming closed the heavy door leading into the stairwell. Axel sucks in long, laborious breaths as he hauls himself and the weight of the bag and suitcase up the flight of stairs. Rude should be there as soon as they open the door. He has to be.

Axel shoves the door open with the force of his shoulders, listening carefully to the sound of Reno’s steps just behind him. He swears he just heard the door behind them open—someone was close.

“I got this,” Reno says without a hitch, motioning Axel off to another area as he lingers behind, staying close to the emergency exit.

As Axel continues to run, he hears the scuffle break out behind him. There had to be at least two or three guys, and as relentless as he knows Reno to be, Reno wouldn’t be able to hold them all off for long. In the midst of the shouting and dull sounds of fists against flesh, Axel hears the faint thrum of a helicopter closing in. Rude must be getting close, but he just wasn’t going to be fast enough.

He throws down the bags and spins around to rush back to his partner, just at the moment he watches Reno force one of the security buffoons into submission, twisting his arm to point his gun into his thigh before pulling the trigger. The triumphant look on Reno’s face disappears when he looks up to see Axel back by his side and successfully warding off the guard attempting to attack him from behind.

“The hell are you doing back here?!” Reno shouts, shaking his long bangs out of his face as he disarms the wounded guard of his gun and sending a couple bullets into a second guard’s shoulder at point blank. At the same time, Axel sends the third guard flying back and colliding with the hard floor with a steely right hook. “Where did you put the—“

“This isn’t a good time for nagging, Reno!” Axel wrestles the handgun from him, unloading three shots into the door frame near the door pull. Without hesitation he reaches to yank the truncheon out of Reno’s hand and shove it in the pull, jamming the narrow end deep into the fracture left by the bullets.

“That’s only going to buy us seconds, let’s go.”

By the time Axel returns to the abandoned duffel and suitcase, the rhythmic noise of a helicopter was as loud as ever can be. It was floating just above, and Axel could see Elena tossing down the rope ladder. They are so close, Axel thinks, and he begins to count down to their freedom. Three…Two…

A sudden bang distracts Axel from his goal. He hears the muffled voices of men coming from the emergency exit on the other end of the roof. He sees the door, held closed by Reno’s weapon shuddering from the weight of a security guard thrusting up against it. He turns back around, and the world seems to slow as he watches Reno grab onto a rung. The door has been broken down, he hears, and Axel almost doesn’t hear Reno screaming his name to grab on.

Axel reaches out and latches onto the first rung he touches. He swears he hears the faint whistle of a bullet zip by the back of his head as he feels his body being lifted off the concrete surface.

He isn’t sure if it’s the helicopter blades continuing their monotonous tune, or the blood pumping through his muscles at a frightening pace, but for the briefest second, Axel thinks he’s going to fall. He almost doesn’t feel the cool steel against his palm, and the hand holding the briefcase in his other hand feels like it’s about to slip right from his fingers.

When a strong arm wraps itself around Axel’s back, his world seems to come back alive, moving back at its regular pace. He feels Reno’s warm hand gripping him under his arm, relieved that some of his weight was being supported. But, he realizes, there was still the nuisance case in his hand—Reno wouldn’t be able to support him for long, and they would need to climb up into the cabin so they don’t remain as sitting ducks. They were off the building, sure, but those bothersome guards still had an arsenal of guns on them. There can’t be hesitation—he’d have to start climbing, pulling himself up by a mere finger if he has to.

As soon as the thought hits him, he feels his right arm being propelled forward, jerking the length of the rope in a hazardous wave in the air, making both men shout in surprise. The hand around his ribs tightened, making Axel wince. Looking down, Axel realizes a bullet had caught the body of the briefcase, a fresh hole now brandishing the edge, and one half of the body cocked awkwardly off center, as if the hinges were forced out of line.

Rufus isn’t going to be happy , but Axel knows he doesn’t have a choice. With two fingers, he pulls up the lock of the suitcase and lets the flap fall. The air around him suddenly fills with fluttering bills. The money is sent into flying by the wind, obscuring the two of them in confetti of stolen loot.

Axel laughs uninhibited, delighted from the sight and flabbergasted looks of the guards propped on the roof.

“Here’s a souvenir, hotshots!” And with that, Axel hurls the suitcase in the direction of the building, and lets out another howl of amusement when the briefcase manages to nail one of the suited men on the head with a burst of the remaining bills still stuck inside. Above him, Reno lets out a whoop, and Axel feels his lungs swell in bliss.

Now with both hands free, Axel pulls himself up the length of the rope ladder and into the cabin. Random shots fly, none of them coming close to hitting, and the helicopter sails off in the direction of the ocean.


Rest of the drabble here [link]

nnnnnnnnnnnnn I will continue to ship the ever-loving crap out of these two =w= <333 And also putting them in suits again doesn\'t hurt LOL This is why I love drawing fan art. the endless situations I can put my favorite characters :iconiloveitplz:

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axel from kingdom hearts?
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I love it. This whole setting fits Reno and Axel so right. =)
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Oh my god, I can so see these two doing that. :iconiloveitplz:

You can ship the ever loving crap out of these two as much as you want! ^^
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i really love this cell shading scheme! how the heck can you do all this in PS, the program stinks for me ;w;

pfff that awesome ladder! climbing into the air.. ;___;
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Wonderful :D
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WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though part me wants to strangle him for tossing the money like that. Give it to me, for crying out loud!! But again I love it!
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i so love these twins!
ForbiddenCrimson Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Hobbyist
This is the best thing ever! Some day I will perfect drawing anatomies and draw good as you. Hopefully reach one of my goals and surpass you!<3
One day.
One Day..
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