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September 15, 2012
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AkuNo - Wildfire by Nijuuni AkuNo - Wildfire by Nijuuni
The season is changing. Winter’s winds and chilling bite are slowly soothed by spring’s first bloom.

The first colors of dawn slowly envelope the night sky; the deep, abyssal blue glowing pink, then orange, before the bright rays of the sun pierces over the mountains. Leaves wet with dew and melting frost glisten, while heavy droplets peel away from branches and fall into the brook below. The trees slowly become alive with sounds, the rustle of wind-swept leaves, the trill of birds, and soon the crunch of earth beneath the boots of the earliest gypsy rising from the camp.

The trudge of heavy shoes multiply over the hour, and soon the air is filled with soft laughter and voices of the nomads.
Steam from boiling pots of water rises into the crisp air as the fire beneath them snaps and crackles. Thick slices of meat are tossed into the heated skillet, and soon the succulent smell of cooked meat wafts over the camp.

The scent seeps through the cloth of a tent set up near the bank. Axel stirs beneath the blanket, green eyes blinking away sleep until they focus. He takes a sniff, and his stomach growls for breakfast. Beside him, Reno lays slumbering. A smile works its way onto Axel’s face, and he leans in, nuzzling his face against the other redhead’s.

Reno drowsily responds, murmuring a low ‘morning’ before wrapping his long arms around Axel. He pulls him close, moreso to use him as a shield against the intruding light than to give him a proper hug.

“Reno,” Axel laughs, shaking his shoulders, “come, let’s grab something to eat before everyone takes their second share before we even get our first.”

“Make Roxas deliver it here,” Reno moans, hugging onto Axel’s stomach tighter.

“You wish.”

After dragging his partner out of the tent, they both wash up with the near-freezing water of the river, waking them up completely. Roxas has been busy serving the entire camp with his food, and Axel had been right in guessing his meals would go fast. Ever since Thirteen brought Roxas into the clan, they have been eating much tastier meals than ever before. Even Axel has admitted he has fleshed out in healthy muscle since Roxas’ arrival.

“Morning, Axel, Reno,” Roxas beams, filling up a hand-crafted bowl with broth.

“Hi, Roxas,” Axel replies, handing the bowl of broth to Reno. The other red-haired gypsy eagerly takes a gulp, and sighs as the hot, savory liquid runs down his throat and warms his entire body.

“I don’t think there’s ever a better way to wake up than to your cooking,” Axel says.

“If you two wanted extra slices of ham, you could have just asked,” the blond chef whispers coyly, sneaking extra slices onto each of their plates.

“You’re the best,” Reno laughs, accepting their breakfast.
As they walk off to find a seat amongst the mess of half-packed boxes and loaded carts, Roxas smiles whimsically at his best friend. Certainly, after Reno’s paranormal arrival the previous summer, Axel has been infinitely livelier. Reno, though his entrance was a shock at first, easily grew on Roxas. It had been a surreal experience when Reno manifested into a solid body as the sun rose, stepping out of the spirit world and into their own with every step he took into their camp, as if every cord of muscle had been intricately drawn from a ray of sun. It didn’t take long for the rest of the gypsies to realize he had been the mysterious spirit that had haunted the lake, and subsequently Axel’s heart. Axel had saved me, please let me stay with him, Reno said, and while some of the members struggled with the fact a ghost was addressing them Roxas saw something deeper, and didn’t hesitate to dig into Axel’s belongings to take out several garments to clothe him.

So you’re the one that has Axel’s heart set aflame, Roxas said.

The young gypsy shakes his head when he realizes his thoughts have him smiling to no one in particular. With everyone served at least their one portion, Roxas takes his own breakfast and settles down next to Axel. The clan would need to move soon, but it doesn’t stop several of their friends from unpacking instruments and strumming playful tunes for the duration of their meal.


REST OF THE DRABBLE :iconhurrplz:! [link]

Prize Commission for :iconbigirishking: for being placed in the top three of :icona-r-r:'s Shadows and Sunshine; AkuNo/RokuNo contest 8)

Anyway the Wind Blows The wind was still. There was a rhythm in the warm, summer air. The soft, quick beat to a drum and the occasional jingle of a tambourine; laughter and shouts of all ages simmered together into a crockpot of leisurely content. Hidden notes of wagon-wheels crushing foliage and rustling clothe completed the pleasant melody, a melody all too familiar to ones whom belonged to Thirteen.

And, at this time, Thirteen happened to be on the move. They'd overstayed their welcome in the last town of Geode, and after nearly losing a few members, quickly packed their things and moved to the shelter of the woods. Their home.

The woods were a constant in th


This commission is a sort of epilogue to her winning entry, "Anyway the Wind Blows." It features Axel and Reno as gypsies, meeting in a paranormal circumstance, and finding love in one another >w< <333




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This is simply beautiful. Simple as that. The color, the style, their expressions, it all takes my breath away.
The color of the fire, I think it is; is stunning and really brings this together.
The shading is well done as well.
I like the moon in the background and how the clouds really make it pop.
The Akuno fire dance idea is something I've never seen so it's diffidently got originality!
Also I am in love with the clothes you gave them as always.
I honestly have nothing negative to say about this piece.
You honestly did a very splendid job!
(the story was also nice ;D)
What do you think?
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15 out of 15 deviants thought this was fair.

hmmmm. First I must say this is beautiful. I love all the elements you've brought to this image.

Vision: 10/10 - The sky and forest around them gives the perfect offset to the bright flamelike ring surrounding them, the colours collide in a powerful and vibrant way. I love it. I also like the slight orange tone to the tree's, balances out the red hair. The outfites are likewise wonerfully done. Just lovely. Youve done well. :( however, your trees seem to lack some of the detail the rest of the image has.

Originality: 8/10 - I've seen this pairing alot lately, so the idea is a little old on that front. however I have to admit this forest scene is wonderful. Their expressions are so befitting of them, it seems almost real its so perfect. I like the fact that you wasted none of your talent on this peice.

Technique: 9/10 - The different elements again. That you used in this image just make it all worthwile. There are hardly any faults one can find easily. The almost 3-D tone is lovely considering its a 2-D image. Youve done a brilliant job. Again...Im sorry but the tree's seem to be lacking a little.

Impact: 9/0 - What else can I say? Everything else has already been said. Youve done a wonderful job, hopefully we will continue to see more amazing work from you.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
10 out of 10 deviants thought this was fair.

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Their clothes are amazing! Gypsies are spectacular, especially Axel and Reno!
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This is absolutely b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!<3
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Gaaahhh these two make my brain get all retarded especially when you draw them DX and I love the theme :3
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Np, seriously, your art makes my day, I swear :P I wish my fingers would cooperate so I could draw that well, lol
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ow cool i love this whole drawing very very very very very much :love::iconloveyouplz::love:
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Amazingly gorgeous!
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PS: This story and this pic make me think of this song ----> [link]

I do love me some Abney Park :D
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